Worldwide lottery, lotto and lotteria

Most of the countries worldwide have their own lottery / lotto.  The lottery / lotto in these countries are usually governed by the government or by a private entity who received a license to operate the lottery / lotto at this specific country on behalf of the government.  Usually the lottery / lotto that is being operated is operated under a specific law / regulation that was legislated specifically for the specific lottery / lotto.

In most countries the national lottery / lotto is being managed under specific and strict rules and many checks and balances to make sure all is done correctly and fair.  Most nations in the world use the money from the lottery / lotto to community services.  These community services may be for promoting sport, education, assisting low income families, and many other community and social activities.

The lottery / lotto is an extremely attractive game for most of the people which gives them the chance to change their life.  Therefore many people worldwide are joining this game and in case they do not win, at least they know that the money is usually being used for a good cause, which is for the welfare of the community.

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